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Dentist Dr Hefer Pretoria Dentist Dr Hefer Pretoria Price on Request
Professional dentist Services - Fillings - Crowns - Teeth Extractions When was your last checkup? Make a booking today! Parents should take their children to the dentist regularly, beginning with the eruption...

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Posted 2014-11-10 21:16:24 in Menlo Park, Gauteng by OlgaOver
Dentists-Conradie-Oosthuizen Dentists-Conradie-Oosthuizen
Services: • Dental implants • Orthodontics, Specialized dentistry • Botox treatments • Beauty slimming • Make-over’s • Computer assistant dentistry Contact us to schedule an...

Posted 2014-11-10 20:53:46 in Pretoria, Gauteng by OlgaOver
WowTeeth WowTeeth
You can have a whiter, brighter smile in under an hour! Zoom teeth whitening is safe, fast and effective and only performed by specialists. Age and lifestyle can affect our teeth. Many of our day ...

Posted 2014-11-04 14:49:51 in Pretoria, Gauteng by OlgaOver
Dr Katz - Therabreath Bad breath Treatment on sale Dr Katz - Therabreath Bad breath Treatme... R 899.00 (ZAR)
The Therabreath all in one pack is an all in one bad breath treatment offering you an all day, every day fresh breath solution. The oral rinse and tooth paste treat the bacteria that cause bad brea...

Posted 2014-10-31 07:56:31 in Gauteng, South Africa by GrahamJ88
Prime-Care Dental Prime-Care Dental
Prime-Care medical & Dental offers Quality Oral health Care at affordable pricing . in a safe , easily accessible and friendly environment. Our gentle and friendly approach ensures an enjoyable and re...

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Posted 2014-09-27 10:26:00 in Rooihuiskraal, Gauteng by [unknown user]