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All about Vottle

Vot? Vere? Vhy?

Exactly, Vottle. Like a message in a bottle, now it is in a Vottle!

The Vottle project is about your community. It is about bringing people together. And it is about empowering the consumer at large - that's YOU!

The Vottle project allows you to network online, to buy and sell goods, and it enables you seek out other like-minded people.

Vottle can be described as an online classifieds or a community service or simply, just a cool web site. It is also a place where local artists can publish their works, and it is a tool for sharing the best of what a community, our community, has to offer.



  1. A receptacle having a web-like look and feel, usually no handles,
    and a layout that can be searched, updated or browsed.
  2. The quantity that a Vottle holds.
  3. Not a receptacle filled with milk or formula that is fed, as to
    babies, in place of breast milk.
  4. Informal.
    1. Intoxicating information: Go easy on the Vottle.
    2. The practice of taking in large quantities of information: Her
    problem is the Vottle.


  1. Why don't you just Vottle it?
  2. I Vottled it.

Just Vottle it!