Vottle is a community service. It allows you to classify anything and everything, well almost everything, we're still trying to figure out how to classify a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. You can sell stuff you don't want any more, you can buy stuff you see listed, and, in some bizarre unexplainable coincidence you may actually buy something you once sold before. We're still trying to figure out the odds on that happening but we are told by some PhD's working here that this actually does happen at least every 3 billion years in our galaxy.

Vottle allows you to search through its listings. It allows you to explore the world at a macro level or at a very micro, granular view. When you make a posting, your input data is captured by way of a set of templates which allows for an intelligent database application. So, say you are posting an advert for a car, the input fields will be relevant to cars (e.g. transmission, colour, etc).

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

Q: What does it cost me to make a posting?
A: Nothing. It is free. Yes, free... as in you do not have to pay. Some things in life are still free... like air, walks in the park and Vottle.

Q: What can I advertise on Vottle?
A: Anything and everything, so long as you do not contravene your country's local laws.

Q: How long will my posting stay up?
A: When you post your advert you will select the period for which your advert remains active. You can of course close your advert before this expiry date. You will be automatically emailed a "renew" option at the time of your advert's expiration date; at that point you can re-post your advert if you like.

Q: How do I contact the person who has placed an advert if I am interested in what they are selling?
A: Use the 'Reply to this Advert' button on the actual advert. Type your response and Vottle will automatically email it to them on your behalf. It is then up to the advertiser to reply to you directly. NOTE: This method is used to safegaurd our users' contact details and protect them from spam. We will never give out a user's contact details directly. Also, do not contact Vottle support in response to an advert; you should contact the advertiser.

Q: How do I edit or delete one of my adverts?
A: There are two methods depending on whether you are a registered user or not:
  • Registered users: Login to Vottle and go to 'My Postings' in the menu bar at the top of the page. Locate the advert you want to edit or delete and click the relevant button next to the advert.
  • Unregistered users: Find the advert you want to edit or delete on Vottle and click the 'Edit or Delete this Posting' button at the bottom of the page. You will then need to verify that you are the owner of this advert by entering the same email address with which the advert was posted. We will then send an email to that address which contains a link that will allow you to access the advert and edit or delete it. This method is used to ensure no other user is able to edit or delete your adverts.
    NOTE: You will have received the same link in the email you got from us directly after you posted your advert.
Q: What if there is a category I would like to use but it is not currently featured on Vottle.
A: Go to our Contact Us page and send us a request by selecting 'Category Suggestion' in the drop-down list and it will be considered for inclusion.

Q: What if there are postings on Vottle that users have miscategorised, or, what if they have posted offensive material?
A: Simply report it to Vottle by using the built-in 'Report this Advert' list (located on the actual posting). We will check it out and take the necessary action.

Q: How do I place my CV on Vottle if I am looking for a job?
A: Post an advert in any of our 'Jobs' categories, making sure you post a 'Job Wanted' advert, not 'Job On Offer'. When you get to the page where you enter your advert details, click the 'Upload CV' button near the bottom of the page. You can only upload plain text, Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files as CVs.

Q: Why do I have to validate my adverts/registration? What does this mean?
A: New registrations and adverts placed by unregistered users need to be validated to ensure they come from real people with legitimate email addresses. By sending a validation email to the address provided when the registration or posting is made, we can confirm that this user is legitimate and can be contacted in future when other users respond to their adverts.